2014 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este Porsche 904 GTS

Second year in a row Spyco had the great oportunity to prepare another unique car for Villa d’Este. This time a beatiful racing Porsche 904.

Being a racing car most of the car’s craftsmanship was on the chassis and engine, so these two aspects got our most work. Starting with the interior, racing seats were removed and cockpit was fully detailed.

Finally getting to this:


Front wheels removed:

Front wheels arched were cleaned

and dressed

Now it was time for the engine bay and the 2L four cylinder racing engine in particular:

After quite a lot of working hours

we gor to this:

Taking care all other surfaces:

Every detailers favorite moment

and some final shots before the event.

and from the actual event

Thank you very much for reading this.