10th Philpa Concours d’Elegance BOS


– Class B – Glamorous Supercars winner

A few days ago I was called to prepare a magnificent Lamborghini Miura for our national Concours d’Elegance event which took place at Flisvos marina in Athens. This is a nice view from the event as captured by the event’s official photographer.

But before we get all glamorous let us take the story from the beginning. For me detailing is not just a form of business. It is personal. And it is personal with every single car I take on.

First task was to remove all above surface contaminants and completely clean the paint so I can properly assess it.

Unfortunately there were quite a few defects on the surface. Most of the car had kept the original paint which was full of heavy swirls, scratches and some minor oxidation.

A hex logic orange pad with Scholl’s S3 and Menzera’s FG400 was my weapon of choice for the initial cut.

Though in certain parts of the car I did preferred cutting with a 4″ constant pressure.

As works progresses these are some before and after shots

Unfortunately some scratches were too deep and I was not ready to sacrifice any more valuable original paint.

A previous spot repair job was also properly corrected

And a couple of nice 50/50 shots

There were some spots around the car that were a real joy to polish. For example this corner in the bonnet.

And same thing at the opposite site

Moving to the engine bay this was the original status

When cleaning an older car you should always try to keep the use of running water to a minimum level since you can never be certain where it might end up and rust is the most severe defect you can find in a classic. For this reason a water based APC was used for most cases where nearly no rinsing is necessary and a citrus based one for tougher degreasing tasks and rinsing with the use a small spray pump.

Initial status of the “power plant”

Detailing it.

Half way there.

Reverse angle

And finally

Then moved to the front part of the car

which eventually was turned into this

The interior was also fully treated by nurturing and softening all the leather twice

A final clean was then given to the paint for a final inspection before the LSP

And now the LSP. For quite some time I was actively involved along side with BMD in making a carnauba based wax that I could use for my Councours events as I did in the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este with this beatifull 540K.

But I did not stop there. With more testing and with a trial and error approach more than 10 different samples were fully evaluated in order to create a real bespoke wax that I would be proud to use on such unique sample of automotive history.

Three layers of a special BMD wax brought us to this. Please enjoy

At Concours d’Elegance

Along side the Lusso, the second best Glamorous Supercar (Class B) also detailed by Spyco.

And finally… on to the red carpet for the BEST OF SHOW award.

Thank you all very much for your time.

Kind regards